MMT – start a new chapter for your sales team!

MMT will instantly increase efficiency of your sales agents. The app has up-to-date product and customer data always at hand, making it easy to create orders at the point of sale. Orders created in the app reach your warehouse system in real time – no need for retyping data.

Making strategic decisions is simplified – the market information gathered by the sales agents is structured, can be compared, and accessed in the Telema Portal.

MMT boosts your sales

The right tools leave more time for sales meetings. You and your team may focus on your essential mission.

Orders move in real time

MMT can be connected to your ERP. When your salespeople take orders at the customers’ points of sale, the data reaches your office in real time. No time-consuming retyping or piling up of orders.

Information is always up-to-date and at hand

Sales agents don’t have to phone in for latest stock data, customers’ recent orders or payments. All the needed data is available in the MMT app, always at hand.

Merchandising is at your fingertips

You have specific merchandising agreements with the stores? Now you can easily follow the agreements with the help of photos and notes. Who needs endless e-mail conversations – save the data in the MMT app.

Market intelligence made easy

You know what data you need to make strategic decisions? To gather the data just compile the right questions that can easily be asked and filled in by your sales agents. Base your sales planning on market intelligence, not your gut feeling.

An app experience as easy as ABC

Using the MMT application is easy right from the start. To make the most of it, request a training session for you and your team.

Create your own toolbox

The MMT application is modular. You can decide what functionalities you need – pick any of the 6 modules and create your own toolbox.

MMT Orders

Create orders in real time

MMT Invoices

Issue invoices in real time

MMT Visits

Plan and manage customer visits

MMT Surveys

Gather and analyse market intellingence

MMT Merchandising

Take and save POS pictures with data

MMT Photos

Present product photos