Aibė 900 shops now able to join Telema EDI network


Telema and Aibė have signed a strategic partnership agreement to promote electronic data interchange in retail business. UAB “Aljansas AIBĖ” is the largest alliance of Lithuanian and Latvian trade companies, connecting more than 200 entities that manage over 900 stores. Aibė members and their suppliers can now start exchanging electronic documents more efficiently. The first chains to join are UAB “Aibės prekyba” and UAB “Redstena”.

“Cooperation with Telema enables us to exchange EDI orders and EDI invoices with our suppliers. The less there is human intervention, the less there are mistakes. Using EDI will significantly speed up processes and increase efficiency for both us and our suppliers. All this helps us to save time and money,” explains Mr Kęstutis Žilinskas, the Commerce manager of Aibė.

Hele Hammer, the CEO of Telema, also welcomes the cooperation with Aibe, saying, “Telema network already connects over 1000 suppliers with over 4000 shops in the Baltics. Our suppliers have for some time expressed interest in EDI data exchange with Aibė members. We are happy to greet another big retail chain into the modern data exchange flow.”