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CIA Market with 157 shops, Aldar Market with 30 shops: welcome on board!

From January to June 2016, new FMCG retailers joined Telema network in all Baltic countries. ČIA MARKET, a supermarket chain with 157 shops and outlets all over Lithuania started e-document exchange with their partners. In Estonia, grocery chain Aldar Market with 30 shops is implementing EDI with Telema. So is Jannseni Kaubamaja, one of the beloved neighbourhood stores in Nõmme, Tallinn. In Latvia, Oregano SIA, a member of TOP! retail chain, added its two stores into Telema network.

All well known retailers in the Baltics have already used Telema EDI services for years. Rimi, Selver, Maxima, COOP, OG Elektra, Palink and RR Lektus are all promoters of paperless trading. With the addition of medium sized chains and independent stores, Telema’s network of retailers is expanding even more.

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EDI in DIY sector: Rome wasn't built in a day

In 2016, EDI implementation in DIY sector shows steady progress. The interest to join EDI is currently highest in Lithuania. Besides retailer MOKI VEŽI (24 shops were added in autumn 2015), Telema signed contract with small DIY chain LEMORA (8 shops), whose first supplier will be KNAUF. Pilot project is in progress with expanding DIY chain BIKUVA (17 shops). One of the leading retailers in the sector, ERMITAŽAS (4 megastores), is eager to join this year.

In Estonia, Puumarket (6 shops) started EDI pilot projects with several suppliers: , Puukeskus AS, Tamrex Ohutuse OÜ and Fere OÜ, for example, in February. Soon Puumarket will be ready to connect more partners.

Latvian leading DIY retailer KURŠI is expanding - in March, they opened a new shop in Salaspils, and are connecting new EDI suppliers. In June, another retailer, Valdis SIA (3 large DIY stores) joined Telema network. All DIYretailers were happy to welcome SAKRET SIA as new EDI supplier in June.

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Having hard times with supplier e-invoicing onboarding ?

It takes two to tango, and it takes two to exchange e-invoices. It comes often as a surprise that lack of e-invoice senders is the biggest challence in e-invoicing projects. To help with that challenge, Telema released a Supplier Onboarding Guide for e-invoicing projects in May 2016.

You have decided to implement electronic invoices in your company. But how to convince partners to start sending e-invoices? Telema’s Supplier Onboarding Guide covers the three steps in detail: 1. Analyse your suppliers 2. Create a convincing message 3. Communicate (and communicate). The material includes many useful tips and even sample letters for suppliers.

Recent e-invoicing survey in Estonia showed that around 50% of suppliers were willing to start e-invoicing if only their partners asked them to. So just ask nicely and persistently! The survey was concluded and the Suppliers Onboarding Guide prepared by Telema’s Project Manager Kristel Källe as part of her thesis at Tallinn University of Technology.

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Listening to the voice of customer

Since January 2016, Telema issues weekly survey to customers that have used our customer support. The recommendation index to Telema Customer Service is as high as 80! The weekly constructive feedback gives us better understanding of customers’ expectations towards the EDI services and support. We have learned that our customers value:

  • understanding of customer needs and being informed about task progress; 
  • fast feedback - often customers mention fast response and quick request handling as their favourite;
  • proactivity and thorough approach - Telema helpdesk always strives to find the root cause of incidents;
  • good communication skills - customers praise the competence and communication skills of our helpdesk personnel.

So, when Telema question pops into your mailbox, please take 2 minutes to complete the survey. Consider your honest opinion as an investment to ensure smooth EDI services and support.

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